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By Krishan Kumar

As Apple’s annual conference for software developers kicks off Tuesday, all the key stakeholders in the company’s ecosystem will be present save one, Google.

The company is increasingly being challenged in areas as diverse as cloud computing and smartphones. Apple is launching its own mapping application to take on Google. It will unveil integration with its iCloud storage service and the iPhone, in a challenge to Google’s Android OS.

A new line of Mac Laptops is also expected to be unveiled, in what news portals around the world are calling a subtle turf war. Apple also plans to entice more customers to try out its app store.

Android has also helped create several potent hardware rivals to Apple. Samsung Electronics’ Android-driven Galaxy SIII is drawing favorable comparisons to iPhone and Amazon.com Inc’s cheaper Kindle Fire is challenging Apple in tablets and digital content.

Apple has spent three years preparing to take mapping back. It has integrated technology from acquisitions such as 3D mapping company C3 Technologies, Canadian startup Poly9 Group and mapping service Placebase.

Already, about 20 touch-enabled ultrabook designs with various styles of foldable, detachable or sliding keyboards running the new Windows 8 system are in the pipeline.




 Apple V/s Google: Turf War
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