A Mohali-based real estate company has succeeded in creating a record of constructing a 10-storey building within 48 hours.

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Visit aglaia.co.in Building (Photo credit: x-av)

The building was constructed using pre-fabricated steel structure technology. Three cranes were pressed into service to assemble the pre-fabricated roof and walls, which were prepared in the factory. The pre-fabrication took three months in the factory.

Work to assemble the pre-fabricated steel structure began on Thursday evening and was completed at 4:30 pm today.

Some 200 workers, including a team of 25 experts, were on the job, round the clock, to finish the task.

The company, Synergy Group, claims that the building will be eco-friendly as it will consume less power and it is also certified as earthquake and shock-proof by the Centre for Industrial and Scientific Research (CSIR).

 10 Storey Building Built in 48 Hours
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